5 Ways to Build Your Direct Mail List

Direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to market your products and services. Making your direct mail the best it can be starts with having the right mailing list.

When it comes to building your list (or expanding the one you already have), standard ways such as purchasing a targeted list or purchasing data to append to your list might come to mind. But here are five ways to build a great direct mail list that you might not have thought of.

1. Purchase a trade show attendee list.
Trade shows attract a very specific target audience, and often they attract the decision makers in the company. Purchasing an attendee list from key, well-attended trade shows in your market vertical can net you very high value prospects.

2. Purchase a media list.
Like trade shows, magazines have well-defined target audiences, and some will sell their subscriber lists to marketers. Demographic breakdowns of subscribers are used for advertising sales, and by contacting the magazine, you can often obtain these breakdowns.

3. Tap your own content marketing.
Do you offer an e-newsletter? If so, ask subscribers if they would like to receive hard copy communications from you as well. Ask for their street addresses at sign-up. If you are offering downloads of white papers or case studies from your website, require visitors to fill out an online registration form before they download and include street addresses as an option.

4. Use Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM).
Every Day Direct Mail from the United Postal Service is an inexpensive way to target households within a specific demographic radius. Although EDDM lists do not include names and you cannot filter by demographic, once people respond to your communication, you now have a qualified lead — and a name.

5. Purchase a cloned list.
Do you already have a productive direct mail list? Just want more customers like the ones you already have? Cloned lists allow you to do just that. First create a profile of your best customers, then purchase a list that reflects that profile.

These are all smart, cost-effective ways to build your direct mail list that can yield great results. Need help implementing one or more of these ideas? Give us a call. We can help.