Want to Go Big? Go Wide!

Want to Go Big? Go Wide!

Want to get attention? Go big. It’s easy to get so focused on all those smaller-format projects like direct mail, marketing collateral, and newsletters that you forget the whole world of marketing opportunity beyond what lands on the desk.

Wide-format graphics are the perfect opportunity to get noticed. If you send an email, it needs to get read almost immediately or it disappears underneath the hundreds of others that come in behind it. But banners, window graphics, wall coverings, and signage are hard to miss.

What do you need to know about wide-format graphics?

1. They are ultra short run.
Unlike other forms of print marketing, wide-format projects tend to be ultra short runs or even one-offs. This lets you think “Wow!” rather than run length.

2. They are ultra personalized.
Because these projects tend to be produced in very short runs, they are custom designed for individual applications and needs. They say exactly what you want them to say, reflect the uniqueness of your organization, and speak directly to the audience you are targeting.

3. They can be used to customize non-traditional items.
Wide-format projects aren’t just signs, banners, and point of purchase displays. They can be used for less traditional items such as floor graphics, membrane switch graphics, architectural drawings, vehicle graphics, and even theatrical sets.

4. Wide-format can accommodate specialty processes.
Many wide-format printers can print, score, kiss-cut, and die-cut inline while adding embossing, varnishing, and metallic finishes. New digital materials further open up design and production options.

5. Files require no special expertise to produce.
Wide-format projects have a few special requirements, such as adjusting the resolution to the final output size and ensuring the proper crop, trim lines, and die-lines for cutting, but these requirements are minimal. A quick phone call to one of our experts will get you what you need.

Wide-format graphics offer endless opportunities for creativity. From unique, customized point-of-purchase displays to eye-popping trade show banners, if you want your marketing to go big, then go wide!

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