3 "Must" for Winning B2B Accounts

3 "Must" for Winning B2B Accounts

Marketing to businesses is not like marketing to consumers. Especially when marketing to larger companies, you typically cannot send one mailer to reach an entire account or communicate with a single decision-maker by email.

Business purchases, especially larger ones, are often made by committee. In fact, Chief Marketer notes that, on average, B2B accounts have 13 influencers involved in the process. This is why successful B2B marketing requires a different approach.

How can you run a successful B2B marketing campaign?

1. Use multiple touches every time.

“Multiple” doesn’t mean two or three. It can mean a dozen or more. According to BrightFunnel research, it takes an average of 18 touches to close a deal. Combine that with 13 influencers and you have a complex decision-making machine that requires multiple touches at multiple levels of the organization to get your message through.
Individuals also require distinct types of information at different stages of the sale. This is where understanding the strengths of varied channels becomes important. The channel you use to bring your product to the company’s attention may not be the same as the one(s) used to drip more detailed information along the way.
Success in B2B marketing isn’t just about staying in front of a single contact throughout the sales funnel. It is about staying in touch with multiple contacts, along with each one’s relevant influencers, at the right times.

2. Get to know who all of the influencers are.

Getting in front of influencers requires knowing who those influencers are. Sometimes, they can be hidden. If you are targeting the IT department, for example, you might know that you need to contact the directors of IT and finance, but the purchase decision might also be influenced by the needs of marketing, sales, and customer service. At some level, you need to be marketing to all of these people, too.

3. Get fresh data.

The more you get to know your influencers, the more you can influence them with relevant messaging. There are many effective data suppliers out there, so don’t be afraid to try something new. When each account may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s worth the effort to find new sources, test their effectiveness, and make sure you are reaching the right people with the right message at the right time throughout the process.

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